Weekend Islamic School

2011 Class Levels, Teacher Assignments, Timetable and Recommended Book lists


Junior Level

  • Level 0: Pre K and KG
  • Level 1: (Grade 1, Grade 2)
  • Level 2: (Grade 3, Grade 4)
  • Level 3: (Grade 5, Grade 6)



Senior Level

  • Level 4: (Grade 7 - Grade 8)
  • Level 5: (Grade 9 - Grade 12)


Classroom and Teachers:

Recommended TextBooks:

(If you like us to purchase these books, please order through the Administration office at Masjid Al-Salaam Education Center. Please note the Cost of books doesn't include any shipping and taxes. These costs will be added to your order. Book costs are non-refundable. Except Pre-K and KG, each level books will be in use for 2 years, so roughly the average cost of books is 30$/year.)

Subjects and Reference Text Books:

Islamic Studies (Aqidah, Fiqh and Akhlaq - Sirah and Hadith - Islamic History and Social Studies)

Arabic as a Second Language:

Quranic Studies:

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