Open House

Volunteers at Masjid al-Salaam invite city councillors, helpers, people of other faiths to an open day at the masjid. Open House consists of: people in the surrounding neighborhood of the Masjid to invite

  • A guided walk through the mosque focusing on significance, history and architecture.
  • A presentation of relevant information on Islam.
  • An opportunity for comments and concerns from the neighbors of the mosque.
  • An opportunity for Q & A.

School Outreach Program

Special presentations on Islam suited for schools and tertiary institutions of learning are presented by a trained individual at the request of such schools or institutions. Diversity within schools and other learning institutions is common place in Canada. This presents a new set of challenges to learners who are faced with a wide array of culture and religion and who at times do not have an appreciation for the other. Masjid al-Salaam is set to rise to the challenge by presenting Islam to learners in order to facilitate the ideal of 'unity through diversity' .

Islamic Information Pack Distribution Project

Information packs consisting of printed material covering an array of issues pertaining to Islam are distributed to anyone interested. Custom made information packs in addition to a prayer mat and Quran are presented to new Muslims.

Public Outreach

Masjid al-Salaam volunteers set up a display of Islamic information posters in a public area (library, shopping complex etc) and distribute free literature to members of the public.


al-Salaam Academy  aims at providing Islamic education courses for anyone interested in acquiring knowledge of Islam. The academy finalizing the hiring of new teachers to teach its new 2010/2011 curriculum.

Adult literacy and Qur'anic studies programs are in the works. 

We also plan to offer programs specifically designed for new Muslim covering the fundamentals of Islam.

New Muslims

Masjid al-Salaam offers support to new Muslims during their transition to Islam. The support is multifaceted and includes education, special events and counseling.

Ramadan Food Drive

Masjid al-Salaam collaborates with other Muslim organizations in a Ramadan Food Drive. The key objectives of the Ramadan Food Drive are:.

  • Participate in a local project that can show the social conscience of Islam.
  • Engage Ummah youth in a tangible activity that is very well aligned with our values.
  • Provide a positive message about the Muslim community in Islam

Library & Media Rooms

Masjid al-Salaam complex hosts a full library and mulitmedia facility. The public is encouraged to borrow islamic books, CDs and DVDs on a wide range of subjects and interests. The facility also has 3 Apple Mac computers and printers available for research and study.


Sustainability from the outset, Masjid al-Salaam was established and supported by local Muslims. Self sustainability of these grass roots efforts is key in developing and effective operation. Part of our vision is to have a self sustaining centre. Business plans are afoot to establish the Masjid al-Salaam bookstore as part of realizing our vision.

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